1. Log in to webmail server (http://mail.dataone.in)

  2. Click on settings tab and Click "External Email" link

  3. The page given below will open.

  1. Click on the mail id/text which has been encircled on the picture above.

5. Enter your old dataone password at the location encircled in the picture given below.

6. Mails can also be downloaded to new folder instead of inbox. For this, put a folder name in the box encircled in the snapshot below and PRESS OK

7. Click on save changes

8. Now we are done with configuration changes. Return to Inbox by pressing “Messages” Tab as below

9. Now click on Get External Mail button to download mails.

10. after clicking the Get External mail button, your mail will start downloading

11. You can check download status by getting into settings and clicking "External Mail" status link

Settings Tab -> External Mails