POP users, kindly use mail.dataone.in and smtp.dataone.in as incoming and outgoing mail servers in mail client configuration. For more detailed procedure, please refer "Mail Frequently Asked Questions" link below.

Feedback & Comments are most welcome at bsnlmail@bsnl.co.in


Enter the Username with Domain Eg.username@dataone.in

Dear Dataone mail users,

Welcome to the NEW Platform of Dataone mail services,
  • Login to the your Dataone account with password as phone no on which connection is working in the format & enjoy increased mailbox size. E.g. password of phone no 2456789 working in Noida will be 0120-2456789

  • Please change password after first login

  • Procedure for configuration of MsOutlook Express, Please Click Here.

  • Procedure for configuration of Outlook Express, Please Click Here.

  • If the password as phone no is not working, you need to contact the Node In charge. For contact no of the node in-charge, Please Click Here.